SCT’s 50th Anniversary

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Back in 1965, SCT provided one of the first residential rehabs in the UK for homeless alcoholic men. 

Today we are almost unrecognisable, but two things remain the same: we care deeply about the people we work with and want the best for them. Everyone still values that about SCT.  
Secondly, we are in for the long haul. We are not involved in short bursts before moving on to the next person.  Recovery takes time involving healing, change and maturity in the inner person.  That is where long-term and permanent change has to happen.Graham Marshall, former CEO of SCT

Today, there remains a persistent need to help people through periods of homelessness and addiction, and we find that it’s the same triggers that drive people towards drink or drugs: 

  • failed relationships
  • losing a job 
  • a history of addiction in the family 

Despite this, there are celebrations to be had. In our 50 years, we have set up: 

Many people we’ve helped have been reunited with family and friends, are now employed, or even have their own business. These changes are a transformation from the state of addiction.

Graham Marshall, our former CEO, tell's SCT's story in this short video:

To celebrate our golden anniversary, we're looking forward as well as back. 

Whilst it would be nice to think that there wouldn’t be a need for another 50 years of SCT, we will continue to support people through these most difficult experiences.

During 2015, we hope to raise an additional £50,000 towards our work in keeping people in recovery, in a home and in work. Those who get back to work soon after achieving abstinence stand a much better chance of avoiding relapse. This extra money will fund our ‘progression’ work helping people into jobs, training or education. 

“I can’t thank SCT enough. It’s saved my life.”
Steve, trainee in our furniture restoration social enterprise

In March 2016, we will be hosting the last event of our birthday year. This is will be the SCT Photography Exhibition which captures images of people in our recovery community in Shoreditch, alongside pictures of local personalities and celebrities whose lives are touched by addiction.

Email Communications team to find out more or call 0207 613 5722.

Click on the links below to read more about our 50th anniversary events during 2015 and scroll down for some photos. ​

Read more about SCT's history


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