What we do

For over 50 years, we've been supporting people recovering from addiction by helping them to get clean and sober, develop self-respect and hope for a much better future.

"I wasn't good to be around. I used to walk away from 9 out of 10 people. I used  to think what's he about? What's his angle? What's he after? Now I've got my faith back with people. I've got my personality and character back. "
Eddy, former New Hanbury student and current SCT charity shop volunteer  

Support adults in their recovery and rehabilitation

From a sleeping bag to a healthy life, our wide range of support services help guide people through a series of steps which aim to build their prospects for lifelong recovery.

"SCT makes it a very easy journey for our patients to start their recovery".
Steve Letoi, clinical specialist in mental health issues and addictions, Health E1 GP Practice

Run social enterprises

We also run a number of social enterprises. These businesses provide valuable work experience and a training ground for those in the later stages of their recovery and rehabilitation.

Committed to working with people of any faith or none, we passionately believe that, with the right long-term support, our service users can experience real and lasting change in their lives.

Raise money through our charity shops

Our East London charity shops help us to generate much-needed revenue, which allows us to continue to offer our services.

"Going to see my daughter every weekend and having that freedom from addiction is just out of this world. Every week I see my daughter getting more and more closer to me and I wouldn’t have had that without recovery, without SCT."
Hollie, New Hanbury Project student and former Paper & Cup trainee

Read the #Accidental Hipster which is full of articles about our work and history (PDF, 5Mb)

SCT's social enterprises feature in Drink and Drugs News

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SCT Impact Report 2012

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