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For over 50 years we've been helping homeless people and those with drug or alcohol addictions - without direct Government funding. 

Please help us get more people off the streets, into recovery and back to work, education or training, by donating below.

  • £8 could provide a warm meal in a welcoming safe space for someone sleeping rough
  • £20 could pay for an hour of therapy for someone beginning their journey of recovery
  • £48 covers a tutor for two woodwork sessions, helping six people improve their job prospects
  • £87 can give specialist employment support to someone ready to live independently
  • £240 could provide a week of nutritious meals for eight people on our residential recovery support programme

Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions about donating to us or would like to donate regularly, please contact Jonathan on 0207 613 5722 or at

"The staff here listen and they take everything on board. No matter how ridiculous your question is, you’ll always be heard. In most other parts of life you would be judged. Here you still get judged but it’s positive judgement, dealt with love. It’s much more personal.”
Katie, New Hanbury student,(not her real name).

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The Accidental Hipster - our 50th anniversary magazine (5Mb)

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