Gifts in wills

Your Will could be the most important document you will ever sign. It gives you the opportunity to make gifts of special value to everyone important to you.

By leaving Spitalfields Crypt Trust a legacy in your Will, you are helping people struggling with addiction in London to put their lives back together. 

Your kind donation will help our recovery community to improve their health, learn new skills and prevent a relapse.

A solicitor will be able to help you express your wishes clearly and guide you through the process. It's easy to arrange and simply involves adding a short clause to your Will.


SCT and your gift

If you are considering leaving a gift, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and happy about the decision, so these are our promises to you:   

  1. If you would like your gift to fund a specific area of work, you can always put this in your Will and we will make sure your wish is respected, where possible.

  2. We will handle your gift efficiently and with the utmost care and sensitivity to ensure it can do the greatest good. 

  3. If you have decided to leave a gift in your Will and want to let us know, we'd love to thank you. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, we respect that as your Will is personal to you.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team about leaving  a gift in your will, please contact Jonathan on 020 7613 5722 or by email at:

Read how we've been helping the homeless and people in recovery from addictions for over 50 years.

This place has given me my life back. It’s given me my daughter back after 20 years of addiction. Acorn House is worth its weight in gold. If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d give it all to Acorn House.
Tim, Acorn House resident

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