Work experience

We offer a number of ways for those in recovery to gain valuable work experience and help get their lives back on track.

Many people that walk through our doors have recently lost their job or have been unemployed for some time. Getting them into a professional working environment – for some, it’s their first time – helps build their self-esteem and confidence.

"When I first started working I was very self-conscious. Working with SCT helps me look people in the eye and feel comfortable in myself, and makes me feel excited about my future."
Former SCT service user. 

Find out more about our work experience schemes by contacting Laura 020 7613 5636.

Our social enterprise cafes, Paper & Cup, offer trainees the chance to serve customers, acquire barista skills and manage budgets to improve their employability.

Read more about Restoration Station, our vintage furniture social enterprise.

Our East London charity shops also take on some of our service users in voluntary roles.  People begin to get back into the world of work again, learn to work as a member as a team, and to rebuild confidence and self-esteem

"What was really good was that there was nothing to having the experience of work, learning new skills, showing up on time, having responsibility not just for yourself but as part of a team- all those things that really only having a job, even an unpaid one- can teach you."
Former Paper & Cup trainee

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If you're looking for ways to gain work experience with SCT and are not in recovery, please go to our volunteer page.

Photo c/o James Bellorini.

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