Preventing relapse

Preventing relapse

Relapse prevention is a big part of our work. The one-to-one and group sessions at our residential recovery hostel and supported houses provide a safe environment for recovery therapy to take place.

For people in the later stages of recovery, our ongoing, aftercare support group offer ways for people to support each other.

“Coming here is like AA but it’s better. Because people know where I come from and they know my business because I sit in the group and talk about it. Over a period of time you’ve got this rapport. I would be lost without this group.”
Lesley, a regular at Choices, our Friday evening social.

To find out how you can join one our aftercare groups, please contact Laura on 0207 613 5588.

In partnership with the Hackney Drug and Alcohol Action Team, we run a weekly service on Friday evenings. These user-led social evenings for people in recovery from substance abuse include:

  • group therapy
  • food
  • badminton
  • quizzes
  • bingo nights

The social club committee also organises occasional weekend social events.

This group is open to people in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs.

"The Friday night social at SCT give me somewhere to go. Just a safe place to come where people aren’t drinking or using, taking drugs."
A regular at Choices, our Friday evening social. 

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Photograph c/o James Bellorini

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