Restoration Station is a not-for-profit social enterprise run by the addiction recovery charity Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT).

We exist to help people through their recovery from addiction, providing a much-needed routine and structure to their lives, giving opportunities to learn new skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of reviving furniture.

Our trainees gain the satisfaction of creative work, building confidence by getting good at what they do and talking to new people in our shop. This supports their on-going recovery from addiction, helping to avoid relapse. It also prepares people to move on into paid work.

“It’s taken away that dead time, that boredom that’s the killer to an addict because you start to get anxious. You start to think about what you were addicted to all the time so being here and keeping busy actually helps cut down the urges and frustrations.”

Workshop volunteer


Our aim is to maintain the business with income from the furniture shop and restoration services – all sales revenue is re-invested in the SCT’s charitable work.

We benefit hugely from grants, help from volunteers, and generous donations of furniture.
Restoration Station receives no government funding.


Our business model is fundamentally sustainable: environmentally, socially and financially.

  • Re-using materials reduces waste and is more energy efficient than recycling
  • People before product: we exist to help people in their recovery from addictions
  • Our website is hosting is environmentally responsible

Recovery pathway

Work experience at Restoration Station (or one of SCT’s other social enterprises) is available to people whose recovery is stable. Our workshop is based in the New Hanbury Project  – SCT’s training and personal development centre where people in recovery can study art and life skills such as computing, literacy and languages. Classes often support a 12 step abstinent recovery programme, and are attended by residents of SCT’s rehab hostel directly above the Restoration Station shop.

Donate furniture to Restoration Station

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