Volunteers & Supporters

Volunteers (our heroes)

We owe a huge amount to the people who support Restoration Station with their time and energy, asking for little or no payment in return. We want to say a big public thank you to each of them.

Adam Mitchinson

Adam created our brand’s visual identity. Interpreting the personality of Restoration Station, he originated a brilliant logo and unique type, then generated all the things we need to run business – letterheads, stamps, signs, posters…

Adam subsidised his rates massively (effectively doing loads of work for free) and let us pay him in ECHOs – Hackney’s local currency. We love his work and use it everyday. Thanks, Adam!


Guillaume Lombard

Due to problems with our French pronunciation, Guillaume was known for a while as ‘Guil’, and then simply ‘G’.

He is better described as the ‘MacGyver’ of the digital world. What he doesn’t know about optimising websites could be written on the back of a pixel.

Guillaume created a digital marketing plan for our website before anyone had started writing it. Then he found someone to design it within the limits of our slender budget.

He’s even planning to hack a webcam to tweet our website analytics account every time someone visits the shop. Slick.

Guil shared with us his gift for doing things rationally based on collecting and analysing data. Without him, you almost certainly wouldn’t be reading this page.

G’s profile on Linked in

Jodi Moss

We first met Jodi when she invited us to join the Shoreditch Design Triangle on behalf of local furniture pioneers, SCP.

After seeing what we do, she offered her skills as a top communications maestro and agreed to help us with our launch party.

Jodi worked with us to plan the ideal event, guided us through the preparation and invited her design savvy crew to join us and party.

With her magical combination of being knowledgeable, effective and a lovely person to work with, Jodi now goes by the title “legend”.

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Mark Angus at 3D CNC

Mark got us all over-excited when he described his CNC cutting machine, which is bigger than our shop. He does amazing things like 3D models of racing cars and bespoke chess sets for world famous architects.

Soon we were asking for mates rates to cut a big ‘R’ sign to fit above the shop. Being the kind of guy he is, Mark made the sign for free. When I asked how we should pay for the huge chunk of beech tree he cut if from, he said he’d cover that too. Top geezer. Much appreciated, Mark.


Megan and George at Clear Ads

As a charity (we’re part of SCT) we get free advertising from Google. But you have to know what you’re doing to use it.

George and Megan set up effective campaigns that helps hundreds of people find us online. They did this at a drastically reduced rate because we’re a social enterprise, then they kept doing it for far longer than they had agreed to. They’re also based in Croydon – the future epicentre of London tech.

Big up George and Megan!