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Charity shop team challenge

Need a new way of reviving your team building or ‘away’ days? Our popular charity shop challenges can help. Compete against other companies or internal teams to boost the income of our charity shops all of which help recovering addicts and the homeless in East London. 

It’s simple. Each team is allocated one of our East London charity shops and the team that increases their shop’s usual daily takings by the greatest percentage wins!

Most of our shops can take between 4 to 5 volunteers. We also have couple of bigger shops which can take up to 8 volunteers.

The shop floor is yours and in the past we’ve had inspiring things done to our shop windows, fronts and even customers, in the bid to win the cup. See how the Zurich Insurance Group teams rose to the challenge in this video.

We can host internal team challenges all-year round. Holding volunteer days inevitably has some associated costs. These costs vary depending on the volunteering opportunity, but they will cover the costs of refreshments, tools, equipment and materials used during the day as well as the supervision and administrative fee to cover the costs associated with planning for the day. For further details please contact Mike on 020 7613 5722 or at

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