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An SCT charity shop team challenge

Finding something new and different for our bi-annual team away day is always a challenge. Particularly when the focus is on team-building, having fun and doing something which doesn’t cost a lot of money. 

The SCT Charity shop team challenge was perfect, and even allowed us to do something to help acharity close to Gowling WLG's heart.

Preparations for the Challenge started weeks in advance with two teams being forged and headed by a Secretary. The mission was simple: to increase our shop’s profit by the largest percentage. How we achieved this was totally up to us.

Our team had lots of ideas from everyone from a compulsory rummage for goods to donate and giving out free tea, coffee and cakes, to dressing up as sumo wrestlers to try and entice people into the shops!

During the course of the day, we each purchased something from the shop (in fact, a lot of people got rather carried away), and helped the shop staff to clean, label, iron and sort through donated goods.

We raised a grand total of around £2,500 – almost double the shop’s usual takings!

The day made us work as a team and outside our comfort zone. For example, going up and down the High Street in sumo wrestling outfits.

But most of all, it gave us the feel good factor that comes from helping others, which quite simply couldn’t have been achieved without SCT’s involvement.

We have since suggested this to other teams within the firm and are hopeful that they too will take on a charity shop challenge.

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow……

That initial charity shop challenge has led to a substantial on-going partnership between Gowling WLG and Spitalfields Crypt Trust.

  • Provision of valuable pro bono advice on various issues, most recently on leases and contracts for new charity shops
  • Mentoring of one of SCT’s senior managers by Gowling WLG partner Jason Coates
  • Spring cleaning of SCT’s training & personal development centre by Gowling WLG volunteers
  • Support of SCT’s Community Day in 2013
  • An annual summer barbecue for students of the training & personal development centre
  • Preparation of a Christmas buffet for members of SCT’s recovery community
  • Participation in SCT’s sleep-in in the crypt for the 50th anniversary

Please go see the ‘Shoreditch Owls’ in the reception areas of Gowling WLG’s offices in Birmingham and London. 

The Shoreditch Owls are often the first things that students make when they join the woodwork classes at SCT’s training and personal development centre where they come to gain confidence and self-esteem after years of chaotic living through addiction and life on the streets.


Amy Sevier, Gowling WLG.

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