This is what one of our students had to say about the Fellowship Afloat holiday that we run once a year for our New Hanbury Project students.

Wow what a rush. Three days in an old, cold steel Trinity light boat. With stunning company.

And gorgeous cake five times a day (and also good nourishing food in case your mother worries).

With sailing, motor boating (both with cake delivered to the boat), archery, quizzes, an AA meeting, and more wonders than I can enumerate.

Thanks, Fellowship Afloat!

But much more thanks to the New Hanbury Project for inviting me to participate in this joy.

After tumbling along what I most sincerely hope is my rock bottom, I was saved from drowning by the serendipitously extant Island Day Program. (And thanks Jana).

Following expert resuscitation, I was referred to the Hanbury for rehabilitation. This proved fortuitous from the start.

On the day of my assessment, I forgot my bag in a black cab. The only clue to my identity was a post it note on a book of TS Eliliot’s poetry with the telephone number of the Hanbury.

Et voila!! Reunited. Thanks Hanbury.

Thanks to great carpentry instructor whom I have never heard say “no”. I have an owl, a cat ladder (yes there is a story), picture frames, an armchair and a prayer chair so far to attest to his infinite patience.

Thanks to the art mistress who reminds me of the value of beauty by walking into the room.

Thank you for the kind IT teacher who exudes Godliness.

Thank you to the literacy tutor with her mischievous laugh. In fact, thanks to all the staff at Hanbury.

Thanks for caring for me when I was ill with renal failure. Thanks for caring still.

Thank you to the gentle Spanish teacher (although I do try to foist my homework on the patrons of the Paper and Cup).

I adore working at the coffee shop in the achingly trendy Shoreditch. The staff are understanding and also achingly trendy. And funny. Thanks to the customers and their anecdotes and Shoreditch fashion. And the miracle of the oil.

 I owe a huge debt of gratitude for the one to-one-counselling, which is gradually transforming me from a tearful, fearful wretch into something approaching human.

Some people just are terrific if understated. Thank you Hanbury.

And thank you to each and every one of the alcoholics and addicts who share this bounty. Remember that Shoreditch changes your gait and gets you leading from the hips.

And never ever forget the love.