Meet Ethan, our youngest marathon runner to date. 

Casting back to our young days, not many of us could boast the same amount of talent and ambition that this young man possesses at such a young age.

“In 2014, I was going to national championships. In the mini marathon which happens before the actual marathon, the ‘kid’ version for 11-17 year olds, I ranked top 200 in the country.” 

Wow! I remember being 18 (all those 6 years ago), and my biggest accomplishment was cramming a 2,000 word essay in the space of a night – and managing to still come to school the next day. Ethan, how do you do it?

The answer as anyone can probably imagine lies in the determination to achieve your personal goals. A type of determination that only the self-motivated and highly driven can relate to. The type of drive some can only obtain in later life.

After a long conversation with Ethan and finding out that in his spare time he likes to ‘indulge himself in private studies, including Arabic, I knew that determination and passion was something that ran through his young veins.

It is with great honour that we are represented by such a talented young man. 

Ethan came to SCT life like a breath of fresh air. We all knew something special would occur and watch the space, this year’s marathon runners are in for some fierce competition.

He may be only 18 years old but his highly motivated nature paired with his willingness to represent SCT’S missions is second to none.

“I was inspired by SCT’s mission, not only do they give recovering addicts a home but they give them a second chance, which I find amazing.”

Whilst not all of us can boast the same talents as this young man ALL of us can mimic his generosity. In three simple ways:

  • Donate to Ethan’s Justgiving page: Every penny contributes to Ethan’s fundraising target and helps SCT to continue to provide its services. 
  • Join an SCT fundraising event: If Ethan’s ambitions inspire you, fret not! There are many ways to get involved, why not join a fundraising event, or better yet set up your own? 
  • Spread the word: Tell your brother, your Nan, you sister’s best mate. Everyone needs to know about this incredible young man’s journey and help him support our cause.

A big thank you Ethan and best of luck with the marathon!

Thank you to Madalena, our communications intern, for this interview.

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