In October, our homeless drop-in visitors exhibited their artwork to the public. For some, it was their very first exhibition.

Colin, one of our drop-in regulars  told us: 

It’s expression. It speaks all languages – art is the true ‘social media’. I’m already a musician, and now I’ve found a new form of expression, another scope of what being an artist is.

We’ve been running weekly art classes at our homeless drop-in for 3 years. The art sessions help people to speak and open up. After a filling breakfast, it helps to gets them talking and socialising with one another in a safe environment.

When I’m doing art I feel like I’m working. I’m not here to trifle. I didn’t know I had it in me.
Anna , our art tutor said:
We have some great artists at the drop-in breakfast sessions and we all really enjoy making art together.
The exhibition is being held at he Old Diorama arts centre (near Warren St tube) until the 31 October. The closing event will host ‘A choir with no name’ who will be performing their uplifting songs.

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