For over 30 years, Alison Lloyd of Ally Capellino has been designing classic satchels, totes and rucksacks.

Based only a few minutes from SCT, Alison has been supporting us for more than six years. We sat down with her to talk about some of her contributions.

SCT: How did you first find out about us?

Ally: I originally noticed SCT on a hot summer’s day over 10 years, when I was walking past St Leonard’s Church and saw a few guys doing woodwork in the churchyard. Thinking they looked cool, I asked them if I could take a few pictures of them wearing my bags.

What motivated you to get involved?

Ally: I had a neighbour who died. He was quite a drinker. I was quite attached to him and tried to help him out a few times. And I knew about some of the work you did to help people recover from addiction.

So a few years ago, I had the idea to donate some of the money from our sample sales. We charge £2 entry and Bernard and his team from SCT showed up and helped me collect the donations. And for the last 5 years or so, we’ve carried on doing this.

How has your relationship grown with SCT?

Ally: Well it’s a lot more than the sample sale. Since it’s opening in December 2013, Bernard and the others at Restoration Station have worn the ‘Ally Capellino for Tate’ aprons to work in. And the team also help us with the window and showroom display props. Just recently, they made the plinths – which look a bit like fridge freezers – for the display at Liberty. And we often give Restoration Station furniture to work on. I also love Paper & Cup and the great library of second hand books.

Anything you are particularly impressed by?

Ally: I just love the people, they’re lovely. I think it’s incredible it’s in Shoreditch. That must be quite hard to recover in this area. It’s a great job you do and we are happy to contribute.