SCT therapist Steve Marshall visits Arizona’s premier rehab 

In October, a member of our counselling team set off to one of the USA’s top drug and alcohol residential treatment centre, Sierra Tucson in the state of Arizona.

The idea was to learn about the treatments they offer their clients and bring this knowledge back to SCT, but Steve soon understood he was learning a lot more than that.

Over three days, our Primary Therapist and Therapeutic Manager took part in all kinds of treatments – from traditional group therapies to the more experimental therapies, such as equine therapy.

“One afternoon included an encounter with a horse. We were told to close our eyes, while another person led us to this horse, which we had to pet and connect with. The exercise was really eye opening. I realised how difficult it was to see my own anxieties reflected in the horse’s behaviour,” said Steve.

“It was inspiring to experience first-hand a range of therapies and consider more options for our own clients at SCT – although equine therapy might be a bit difficult in Shoreditch!” added Steve.

Overall, he concluded that despite the differences in culture, geography and social background of the clients at Sierra Tucson compared to SCT, many of the same fundamentals apply.

“I really saw the importance of underlying trauma and the role it plays in addiction. Everyone, no matter where they come from, react to trauma in similar ways. And as therapists we must always help our clients with the dignity and respect that they all deserve,” explained Steve.

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