Update: 30 March 2020

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Spitalfields Crypt Trust has suspended most face-to-face activities but continues to support people both remotely ​and on-site in our residential recovery hostel.

We have taken significant action to reduce the spread of the virus while adapting our service to ensure the people we work with can maintain their recovery and tenancies through this turbulent time.

We have paused all indoor activities at the Homeless Drop-in and the Recovery Hub – which includes the Training and Development centre and Choices, our recovery community. We have also stopped all activities at our Charity Shops, and our social enterprises Paper & Cup and Restoration Station.

Each week, we see a number of people who are more susceptible to the virus due to pre-existing medical conditions and age. We are concerned that by continuing to offer our usual service and gathering large numbers in a confined space for hours at a time, we would be placing these people at risk of catching the virus. 

To continue to support people facing homelessness and addiction, we are adapting our service in a way that protects our staff and the people who use our services.
For our Drop-in visitors, we are keeping in frequent contact to help signpost and support our visitors to access vital resources. At our residential recovery centre, there is still 24-Hour support as well as online counselling sessions for our residents. And we are maintaining our community spirit for residents and students of our Training and Development centre through online messaging platforms and activities. It has been lovely to see this in action, with weekly group activities and even virtual crosswords! We are also regularly checking in with people to offer a familiar voice and support, such as online courses and other useful resources.

It is important to acknowledge that in the midst of this unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty, we have seen beautiful examples of creativity, compassion and community right across SCT, which are testimony to the ethos of the organisation and to the dedication of each of our staff.