For someone struggling with addiction, community is a big part of being in recovery. Since the coronavirus outbreak began and social distancing became normal, recovery has become more challenging. This is part of a series of stories reflecting on these new challenges during lockdown.




As I sit with the low feeling of not being able to help, as the world is in crisis it feels like hell.
People dying everyday and families can’t say goodbye, as their loved ones are taken to where the angels all fly.
Is it right to feel bored and moan about me, is it right to feel happy that I’m still free.
Free of pain, free of despair and free of the symptoms I dread, I feel so sad for all of those who are already dead.
Will that be you, will that be me, no one really knows, is life really that bad as I sit bored looking out my window.
God bless all those out there helping and giving their best, as this country goes through what’s probably its biggest ever test.


– Written by a resident of SCT’s recovery programme.


Click here for resources available online for managing recovery during the outbreak of COVID-19.