Thank you SCT for these moments I can share

Thank you for the effort, and how the staff all care.

A phone call in the day or a phone call late at night

You got me through my hard times when I don’t wanna fight.


Lock down isn’t easy when you’re stuck in your own head

I don’t wanna eat today, I wanna stay in bed.

And this is where you lot come in with all of your ideas

Especially the early days when all I had was fear.


Thank you for the garden and the scattering of seeds

Thank you for all the plants you bought and all the tools we need.

How blessed I am today to not only have a phone,

I’ve also got you guys and I’ve also got a home.


In early days of lock down I painted up my room

And I’ve spent many evenings in the garden with the broom.

I’ve sat out there with breakfast, I’ve sat out there with lunch

Seriously SCT, thank you very much.


Thank you to you Gloria and the happiness you brang

I can’t believe I missed the day when you got up and sang.

I was at the shop but I heard that it was fun

I really miss our chats when we talk about my mum.


Thank you for the quizzes, which I really felt a part

All those times I cherish cos they really touched my heart.

Everyone’s so far away but also very near

Seriously man it’s felt the same as you all being here.


Thank you for the texts and all the whatsapp messages

And thank you for the moments when I feel as good as this.

A phonebook full of friends, online meetings through the week

And phone calls to my sponsor everyday so we could speak.


Counselling on Wednesday when we both catch up on zoom

Never thought I’d be doing that while chilling in my room.

After care on Thursday for an hour and a half

that was really needed and was also quite a laugh.


Thank you to my family, everyone of you I mean

I’m glad it makes you happy to finally see me clean.

The relationship we have now is one I really treasure

And one I hope that goes on for ever and ever.


Thank you to the people that added me to the group

The one about the word searches and the puzzle books.

The trip in the van, to get some soil and filling up the bags

Parked up sharing lunch, and let me smoke a fag.


My biggest thank you goes to god, I cant do it on my own

It’s nice to chat at 4am when I can’t use my phone.

Sitting back to listen to what you have to say

I’m so grateful to how you guide me through my day.


By Jamie