In the bustling heart of Watney Market, something special has been brewing. Our Watney Market charity shop has undergone a remarkable transformation, and we are thrilled to share the exciting details with you. Join us as we explore the story behind this transformation and discover how it’s making a profound impact on the dedicated Watney Market shop team and local community.

For over 60 years, we’ve been dedicated to supporting people affected by homelessness and addiction. Our charity shops not only provide vital funds that help people recover from homelessness and addiction, but also serve as hubs for the local community in the neighbourhoods they serve.  

The Refit Vision

The decision to refurbish the Watney Market Charity Shop was fuelled by a desire to enhance its impact and create an even more inviting space for both customers, staff, and volunteers. Our commitment to the local community was central to the refit vision, and when we received a call from a local branch of fashion brand Lyle & Scott, generously offering to donate all the fittings for this transformation, everything fell into place.   

The refurbishment project, which took several weeks to complete, focused on a couple of key areas, all whilst preserving the original spirit of the shop. These were:  

Store Layout: The store’s layout was reimagined to make it more spacious and accessible. This change allows for a more comfortable shopping experience whilst still allowing for there to be a wide variety of items on offer to purchase.   

Interior Design: The interior received a fresh coat of paint, new flooring and new, more modern fixtures, giving the shop a contemporary and welcoming feel. Additionally, the refurbishment has included incorporating more prominent SCT branding throughout the shop, ensuring that customers are aware of the impactful work the charity does. 

The impact of the Watney Market Charity Shop’s refit has been profound. We spoke to Marija, a long-standing member of staff at Watney Market, who said, “The look of the shop is amazing; it’s more bright, light, and welcoming. So far, everyone is very happy about the refurb – especially customers.”  

On the community’s response to the shop’s fresh look and layout, Marija says, “The customer’s reactions have been very positive – they love it! The new branding shows people what we do, and more people understand that we are a homelessness and addiction charity now.”  

Marija explains how the revamped shop has improved the shopping experience: “It’s more appealing to come in because it’s so much tidier and more organised.” When asked if she had a message for the customers who support the shop’s success, she said, “Thank you for your support and patience, and please keep coming back and donating good stuff!” 

Would you like to get involved? There are several ways you can make a difference:  

Donate: The shop welcomes donations of gently used clothing, household items, and more. The money raised by selling your gifts can help more people recover from homelessness and addiction and build a more sustainable future.  

Volunteer: We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help run the shop. More information here. 

Shop with purpose: Visit our newly revamped Watney Market Charity Shop for yourself to discover unique finds. Every time you buy from us, you’re not just shopping sustainably, you are helping someone recover from homelessness and addiction. 

So, come and visit the shop at 34-36 Watney Market, London, E1 2PR, to experience the new and improved space for yourself and be a part of this incredible journey of transformation! 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Lyle & Scott for their generous donation, our dedicated staff for their invaluable help during the refurbishment, and our valued customers and supporters for their continued patience, support, and positive feedback!