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The art classes give you the chance to switch off, to enjoy creating, and learn about art in a relaxed group environment.

By spending time together as a group, students develop a sense of belonging as well as gaining confidence through learning. It is important to show that art is inclusive of all styles and levels, and that anything goes. The atmosphere in the art room is relaxed with chatter and old CDs being played.

The classroom

The classes take place in our art room in Shoreditch. All of our classes are held in abstinent spaces.

Our classes are friendly, safe, and it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong. We’ll help with what you want and need to know. If you haven’t been in a classroom for ages, don’t worry.

Meet the tutor

John is an artist and art tutor. He has been our tutor since April 2022.

Our students say

“Whilst in Acorn House I began attending an art course. Now almost three years later I paint and draw all the time. As for alcohol, I hardly ever think about it (one day at a time of course).”


“Everyone told me they loved my picture of a flower so I got brave and put it on the wall in the community area. It looks really nice.”


“I made a sign for my bathroom wall. It says “Calm” and reminds me to be calm when I get stressed. I get stressed a lot and that helps. I think because I made it, I remember more. And it’s blue…looks nice in my bathroom.”


“I didn’t realise I could slow down and take notice of details in this way… it has made me be more present in my life… taking notice of the little things. I have more reason to feel happy.”

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