Spitalfields Crypt Trust

SCT takes a whole person approach to people in recovery from homelessness and addiction.  

Recovery is challenging. The pandemic has had a huge impact on people in recovery from homelessness and addiction. Vaughan* had a difficult time when the Coronavirus outbreak first happened: 

‘When the pandemic first started, I was so paranoid, I was under a sort of siege mentality, going to the shops in gloves, washing everything, stockpiling, I was very worried. Then I found myself homeless during the pandemic too, it was awful, and we were hearing so much stuff about care homes, we were more vulnerable than anyone really, in the hostels and on the streets I kept thinking I could get Covid and die here, but what other choice have I got? You just had to take your chances with it.

Acorn House is a rehabilitation centre, run by SCT, that ensures people in recovery from homelessness and addiction. Vaughan has seen first-hand the benefits of being a resident of Acorn House. 

The support here, the kindness, the professionalism, and the camaraderie of being downstairs and having everyone around and busy doing their thing, everyone here has played a part in my recovery. I feel really grateful. They’ve brought the laughter back to my life, the community of the place.”

With your support, SCT can continue to run Acorn House, alongside delivering training and development opportunities counselling, financial advice and relationship management.  

We act as a support all year round for the people who need us most. To be part of this journey, sign up to donate just £12 a month. This could provide an in-house literacy tutor for a week. Your support will have a lasting impact on those in recovery.