Spitalfields Crypt Trust

SCT adapts to Covid-19

We have taken significant action to reduce the spread of the virus, whilst ensuring that people can access the support they need during this turbulent time.

Over the past few months, we have adapted as many services as possible to take place online or over the phone, and this will continue for the time being. Most of our face-to-face services will remain suspended until further notice.

For people in recovery, isolation has been difficult, so SCT staff and volunteers have been making every effort to keep everyone connected, through virtual quizzes, art classes, crosswords, online yoga, and more. The training and development centre continues to run classes and activities virtually, with new ideas being developed along the way. We have also been publishing a series of stories, articles, and poems about recovery in lockdown, to encourage creative writing, share advice for those in similar positions, and build connections with other people and groups. If you are interested in supporting our recovery community during this difficult time, click here for ways you can help.

Social Enterprises

Our two social enterprises – Paper & Cup and Restoration Station – are currently closed until lockdown restrictions allow us to reopen.

Charity Shops

Our eight charity shops are currently closed until lockdown restrictions allow us to reopen.

Training & Development

Classes and activities at the Training & Development centre are currently on hold until further notice.

Residential Recovery Programme

Our Residential Recovery Programme at Acorn House is open and taking referrals.

Homeless Services

Our drop-in centre is currently closed. Please click here if you need to get in touch with us.

Recovery Community

Our long-term recovery community are still meeting virtually.