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Digital Skills

SCT’s Digital and Creative Skills sessions aim to equip people with the skills needed to access and use the internet, computers, and devices with ease. The sessions are also encourage self-expression through digital arts and help people develop transferrable skills.

The sessions

The sessions cover topics such as:

  • Browser and navigation basics
  • Online accounts – banking, bills, housing, jobs
  • Synchronising online accounts across multiple devices
  • Online marketplaces
  • Privacy, security, and digital wellbeing
  • Social media
  • Magazine arts and journalism
  • Graphic Design and Digital Art
  • Easy website creation
  • Blogging/vlogging
  • Digital Music and recording and editing audio

The work is focused on supporting each person by meeting them where they’re at – in terms of familiarity, knowledge, confidence, ability and motivation in the digital environment. Whatever people want to achieve, our small, cosy classes and 1-1’s will ensure goals are met, imaginations are ignited, and individual skills are strengthened – leading to more confidence in online communications, digital life skills, and creative expression.

If you want to know more about digital skills sessions, drop by to see Suke at the hub on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Click here for our full timetable

The Sessions

All sessions take place at the SCT Hub, next door to St Leonard’s Church.  Sessions are held in abstinent spaces and are safe, friendly and supportive. Everyone is welcome and there is something for everyone.

There is also the opportunity to get involved with these ongoing projects:

  • Trust magazine – an in-house magazine with many ways to get involved – art, graphics, photography, articles, creative writing, layout, and editing.
    All ideas and contributions are considered.
  • Various collective projects (i.e. Poetry booklet)
  • Creating your own website or blog/vlog – Do you have an idea for a business? Is there a subject you are passionate about that you’d like to write about and share with the world? We can help you put all of your ideas together in one place.

We use fun, user-friendly creative applications and no experience is necessary.

Meet the tutor

Suke joined SCT in September 2022. Her background is in community music, arts and heritage. She is also a musician, digital artist, and filmmaker and loves the great outdoors, come rain or shine!

Our tutor says…

“I am committed to providing a holistic and person-centred digital learning experience that marries digital life skills with creativity and self-expression in a warm, supportive environment. With a mix of one-to-one and small group sessions (3 or 4 max), each student benefits from quality tutoring time, learning the skills and gaining the confidence that they, as individuals, require and/or want to learn.”

Our students say…

“A place of peace, patience and guidance where I can confidently explore new technologies and new means of self-expression. I am already far more confident with keyboard skills and computer literacy. I also know a lot more about syncing my online accounts between different machines.”


“I’ve been able to discover and learn new ways of bringing my creativity to life by combining my poems and art into audio/visual pieces and am excited to be taking this even further in the digital and creative skills sessions.”

Get involved

Click here to refer someone (or self-refer) today.

Or come to one of our drop-in taster sessions, Friday mornings from 10am – 12pm (term-time only).

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