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Our award-winning community gardens are in the grounds of St. Leonard’s Church at the heart of Shoreditch. The gardens sit right next to SCT’s hostel, Training and Development Centre, and two social enterprises, and they are carefully maintained by our students and volunteers throughout the year.

Our gardening students learn how to sow seeds, grow their own vegetables, and keep things alive. These classes are perfect for people who want to learn new things, get active and spend time outdoors, and, most importantly, have fun.

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The classroom

The classes take place in our community gardens in Shoreditch. All of our classes are held in abstinent spaces.

Our classes are friendly, safe, and it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong. We’ll help with what you want and need to know. If you haven’t been in a class for ages, don’t worry.

Meet the tutor

Paul is the gardening tutor at SCT. Working alongside our dedicated team of volunteers, he works with SCT’s students and residents to learn new skills, get outdoors, and have fun. He also teaches gardening at our homeless drop-in centre.

Our students say

“There are only positive thoughts in the garden.”


“It’s like rehab for the mind”


“In gardening, you learn patience and how to be kind to yourself. If you can be kind to a tree or a patch of earth you can be kind to yourself. It is that self-care, looking after yourself properly, not just putting on band aids to cover deep wounds.”


“Working in the garden was more like play than work. I found I could just lose myself in each moment. I never felt more fully connected with the world, with creation.”


“Working in the garden at Shoreditch gives me a great sense of peace and fulfilment when I am totally involved in a project. This feeling doesn’t happen anywhere else right in the centre of London.”


“Gardening is all about turning over a new leaf – or leaves, as we have so many. It’s a chance for new growth.”

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