Spitalfields Crypt Trust


Choose from a selection of gifts that will support people in recovery from homelessness and addiction. Your gift will give the people that SCT works with the skills they need to sustain long-term recovery.

Choose your gift and we’ll send you a personalised e-certificate that you can send on to the recipient of your gift.  

Each gift is an example of what your donation could fund. Your donation will go where it is needed most across all of our services. 

The basic necessities

An essential bundle of toiletries, clean clothing, shoes and a sleeping bag. This pack is essential in supporting the homeless community, especially during the winter months, where temperatures drop considerably.   

Three hot meals

Buy three hot meals at our drop-in centre based in East London. The centre is open to anybody in need of a hot meal. Last year, SCT served 2,650 meals in our drop-in centre. With your support, we can continue to support those who need a hot meal the most in East London.  

Four counselling sessions

You can support through the gift of four counselling sessions to one of our residents in our rehabilitation centre, Acorn House. SCT addresses the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual in our residential programme, providing essential counselling alongside ways to manage legal, debt and family issues. 

A month of barista training

Give the gift of a life-changing skill that increases employability for one of the amazing people that we work with in recovery. They’ll be trained as a barista in our award-winning coffee shop, Paper & Cup,  creating a path for their career to progress even further.  

The bundle

In this amazing package, you’ll be giving the gift of safety and security at different stages of the recovery journey. From a sleeping bag, to three hot meals, to continued therapy and then training to be a barista – your gift will help make huge impact on the life of people in recovery. 

The gift of security

Donate monthly and you will be giving the gift of ongoing support to people in recovery from homelessness and addiction. Last year, SCT worked with over 600 people in recovery from homelessness and addiction, and with your ongoing support, we can continue to grow our impact each year. 

How your gift helps

SCT supports people with a multi-faceted approach to recovery. James* was at an all time low when he entered our residential rehabilitation centre. Less than a year since moving in to Acorn House, he talks about his experience.

‘I have been a resident for nearly 9 months now. When I came into Acorn House I was desperate for help, I was struggling with a serious drinking problem and had almost given up on life.’ 

Recovery from addiction is complex. SCT’s approach is to take it one day at a time. Our counsellors have a huge amount of experience working with people in recovery from homelessness and addiction.  They take a multi-faceted approach to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual, providing counselling alongside ways to manage finances and relationships.

‘SCT has supported me by providing counsellors and keyworkers to help me psychologically understand my addiction, and how to deal with it, through group and one-to-one sessions.’ 

The rehabilitation centre is just one step in SCT’s approach to recovery. After this, there is the opportunity to move in to supported housing, take part in a trainee scheme in one of our social enterprises or participate in our housing first scheme. Whatever the next step is for our residents, SCT is always on hand to support to ensure recovery has the opportunity to remain sustained.

‘I have come from being at the lowest point I have ever been in my life, to now having my head well above water, and seeing a purpose and direction for my future.’ 

By purchasing an SCT gift, you will be supporting people in recovery from homelessness and addiction so that they can have a fresh start.