Spitalfields Crypt Trust

SCT’s Inclusive Christian Ethos

At SCT, we see a clear connection between best practice in addictions recovery and in our inclusive Christian ethos, and we’re committed to continually learning and growing by engaging with both.

Since its inception, SCT’s work has been inspired and motivated by Christian faith and values. The life and teaching of Jesus is characterised by love – a love which is honest and challenging, accepting and healing. Our staff demonstrate similar characteristics, showing warmth and kindness while being clear and direct.

We are committed to working with people of any faith or none, and to helping them at their point of immediate need. We aim to provide a variety of pathways to recovery, wholeness and new life, tailored to individual needs and aspirations. In some of these pathways we offer opportunities to explore the relevance of the Christian faith, which are always optional.

We recognise that the long term effects of homelessness, addiction, poverty, and other forms of social isolation are deeply damaging to the human body, mind and spirit, but we are passionate in our belief that people can experience real and lasting change in their lives.

Staff are expected to comply with the highest standards, and will be given opportunities to develop their professional skills. We aim to offer a safe environment and a sense of community for all our service users and staff, and to maintain a culture of openness, respect, trust and accountability.

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