Spitalfields Crypt Trust

Anyone can fundraise!

We believe that whoever and wherever you are, you can help us continue to provide a vital lifeline for homeless people and those recovering from addiction.

We don’t receive any direct Government funding for our work. Together with income from our charity shops, we rely on the generous support of the public and the business community.


Available throughout the year through North London Skydiving The descent is a tandem skydive from 15000 feet with an instructor who looks after you from when you arrive at the airfield through to the successful completion of your jump. All jumps take place at Chatteris Airfield, Block Fen Drive, Warblington…

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Wing Walking Experiences

Available throughout the year through Intotheblue Details: A range of amazing wing walking experiences available at various airfields across the UK. Stand on the wings of an authentic aeroplane and amaze your friends. There is no fundraising target but you will need to raise funds in addition to the actual…

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Fundraising Pack

Through your fantastic fundraising efforts, we are able to make a big difference to homeless people and those with complex drug and alcohol addictions.

All our best tips are in this information pack.

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