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“I am reversible” – Vaughan’s Story 

CW: Mentions of suicide, self-harm, drinking, addiction  As a young child, Vaughan faced domestic violence and precarious housing, his parents struggled with drinking and he ended up in care. He became an alcoholic at a young age while moving through the care system, then into bedsits, sofa…

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Stories of recovery in lockdown: A pandemic poem

For someone struggling with addiction, community is a big part of being in recovery. Since the coronavirus outbreak began and social distancing became normal, recovery has become more challenging. This is part of a series of reflections on recovery during lockdown.   Mr Pandemic 2020   It is just so…

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Recovery bloggers share their lockdown advice

At SCT we run a variety of programs for people recovering from addiction. Since London became the centre of the national Covid 19 crisis, we have had to adapt or temporarily close these services. Meanwhile, common challenges people encounter on the path to recovery…

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