Spitalfields Crypt Trust

We provide two friendly homes for men who are ready to move onto more independent living.

We offer two phases of supported housing. Once residents have completed their first stage, they can move into our supported housing in North and South London. To support their on-going recovery, residents in our supported housing maintain regular contact with their expert keyworker and continue to access our day programme and recovery community.

Many begin going back to work or college or start work at one of our social enterprises.

Not everyone makes a planned move into our homes, some go back to their families or we can help them to find suitable accommodation with our housing partners.

We offer the following services at our supported houses:

  • One-to-one key work session
  • Peer support
  • Researching professional and technical courses
  • Training and employment support

“Not only have I been able to recover but I’ve also been able to integrate back into the community in a really gentle, soft, loving kind of way. It feels very natural and very ‘un project-like’.”

— SCT resident