Spitalfields Crypt Trust

Having a good, structured work/life balance can be helpful in preventing relapse back into drugs, alcohol and homelessness.

Our specialist addiction team dig deep to find out what people are really interested in doing in life, then help them find a course, placement or job to suit their ambitions. We’ve also helped people start their own business.

“Since starting at SCT I have gone back to education, and am now in my second year at College studying to be a Plumber. I’m starting driving lessons through the Trust as well – being able to drive is integral to the field I’m in so this is going to help me achieve my goals.”

— Paul

This transitional phase can be risky for relapse as people begin their first steps into what our recovery community call a more ‘normal’ life. So we stay in touch with them for up to a year to support their abstinence, regularly checking in with them as they take on more responsibility and begin to look outwards once again.

Social Enterprises

Our innovative and award-winning social enterprises also provide excellent training grounds for people to take the next step towards paid work. Loved by our local Shoreditch community, our vintage furniture business, Restoration Station and our coffee shop, Paper & Cup, are safe spaces where our students can take training opportunities covering customer services, planning and financial management skills.

“Since starting Restoration Station I’ve noticed that my skills are improving. It keeps me on track – gives me a focus and helps my recovery by giving me routine.”

— Ammo.

Charity Shops

We run seven charity shops across East London which not only help to fund our services, but also act as a compassionate workplace for our recovery community, allowing them the time and space to take their first steps back into a working environment.