Spitalfields Crypt Trust

Why donate to SCT?

How does your money help?

As homelessness increases and people continue to face addiction, SCT takes on these two issues together. Your donation to SCT will support people in recovery from homelessness and addiction. SCT supports the people we work with at every stage of recovery, from homeless drop-ins all the way through to jobs and move-on housing.

Recovery from homelessness and addiction is complex. SCT has been supporting people facing these issues for over 55 years and we hold a lot of expertise in this area. We know that our multi-faceted approach will help achieve our vision of a society where anyone with drug or alcohol addictions and complex needs can transform their life.

Underpinning our approach is our fantastic committed staff – some of whom are in long-term recovery themselves. We know that this makes a real difference.

Our Impact

From counselling to housing, SCT is able to have a positive impact on the vulnerable people we work with, some of whom have deeply entrenched complex issues, which have resulted in homelessness and substance misuse. Previous residents from our recovery hostel, such as Paul*, have been able to progress tremendously since living in Acorn House.   

‘I always say to myself it’s my fault for getting myself into this situation, but the therapy in there [Acorn House] has taught that I can’t always keep blaming myself for things that happened. I need to start to forgive myself.’

SCT's promise to you

You can find out more on how your money is spent in our Annual Report. You can also read our Donation FAQs for further information on your gift